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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Select lures

In a mess, you can put a little butter Mac La not in the first solid foods.Start giving oil should Moles Matures, there's growing demand.Select lures blowing with g a teaspoon per day, smoothly bringing the rate of consumption of up to to yearonyear.Oil this must be natural, prepared roofing paper to cream, unsalted.To use the soft butter and combined oil and fat products category Cesky prohibited!VEGETABLE AND FRUIT PUREES Some important points Fruit and vegetable puree ideal products for complementary feeding.They are close to each other in the vitamin composition, energy value and calories, in taste.

It is necessary

Then it can to choose most suitable for education songs, is to what all is able to echo children.It is necessary to graduate complexity of a rhythm in compliance with distinction of age, that the song voluntary either the senior children, or babies could pick up.In any case, I to an ubezhda on that simple primitive tools, like delay and string, are most suitable for awakenings in soul of the child of soft, quiet moods.On the contrary, wind instruments as a pipe and a pipe, cause the rhythmic muscular movements and very educational spontaneous gymnastics, i.


If you are not sure of an assessment, think of contemporaries or remember the child what was at his age someone from yours a zna komy.Chapter .Definition strong and weaknesses of the child Organizational skills of the child.Questionnaire for children of preschool age Estimate, how precisely each point in the table describes your child.In each section expose points.Note the highest and the lowest estimates.It completely agrees It agrees I find it difficult to answer It does not agree Completely it does not agree Point .

Happy Sonia

The children saw a stray dog.She standing not far from the bus stop and WinImage watched Sonja and Glory.With her tongue dripping saliva.She ti Jonico whined from hunger.Thank broke off a piece of his big magician and gave it to the poor the dog.Dog ate meat and wagged his tail.Happy Sonia smiled Glory.FIRST SNOW One morning Mongrel dog was sitting in his boat and played with the bone.Around the stall was empty mi ska watchdog.Got the dog to smell his bowl, Looked, whether in a bowl, though small Kus ka meat.

Except it, all these

Generally, often everyone concrete Nye game is aimed at the development of some one skill or ability.Naver Nov, will think up soon and will let out game for each separate finger.Except it, all these games are focused on a certain age.If to buy them everything, you will spend almost as much money, how many it is required on purchase not sa my cheap TV thank God, what not the car.At many parents hands fall.Really development of the child costs so expensively?Really it is impossible to think up game or a toy which will serve not how many years, remaining useful to the child?

After that

To leave for days, next day to cook on weak fire, so far apricots will not become transparent.After that to take out fruits from syrup, to spread out on a flat plate or a saucer and to allow to dry up in not hot oven.When the surface of apricots is well dried, to lay them in banks, pouring granulated sugar.Mashed potatoes from apricots Apricots kg, sugar g, water g.Ripe apricots to wash up, cut in half, to remove stones.Then apricots to lay out in the enameled pan, to pour in glass of water, to cover with a cover and on weak fire to bring to boiling.

Jar products

It turns out that it is better to spend rubles for a small jar finished sauce, which which child will eat at one time in two days to go the market and to cook.Jar products more suitable for children ski power and because they always missing salt and sugar actually I repeat again up to , years categorically it is not recommended to podkalivat and under lasivate food.Evidence parents that homemade mashed potatoes kids eat with great pleasure as a result, often connected with the fact that to improve the taste mothers and grandmothers add a little sugar or salt.

With with

Pay attention, one of them humorous.Choose and speak again true chistogovorki.Sa sa sa, over pine flying Fox.Sa sa sa, under the pine stands Fox.Sa sa sa, on a tray sausage.Sa sa sa, galloped sausage.With with with, laughed wheel.With with with, rolled the wheel.Su su su, in a bowl of soup are.Su su su, in a mask soup themselves.Su su su, settled soms in the forest.Su su su, settled foxes in the forest.Si si si, on the table are the scales.

The skills

A bird with a beautiful voice sweet.The night of a full moon a full moon.Drink sour and sweet taste sweet sweet.Dog with a big forehead Tolstoy.An animal with a small head milogolova.The boy with the Golden hair penguins.Consolidation pronunciation audio L in words.The skills of sound analysis and synthesis Replace each word these sounds.Speak of old and new words in pairs, highlighting the sound L.the chair Of Paul p jackdaw g p the loaf in and plug in paragraph the ox o s salt shaker with it shelf on and Consolidation pronunciation audio L in words.

This only

This only thing that helps to celebrate sya with the reason of longterm tension in their relations.According to the son, Donna is mad about purity it will not leave in a sink uniform dirty plates, hates when children leave an otkra toothpaste tube ty, and accurately displays magazines on a little table in a drawing room, throwing out that left more than a month ago.Jim, according to mother, awful nerya ha he does not throw out candy wrappers from candies and not to important things, for example get on the cell phone, on the places.


Then, the immunity of the adult can do without problems, protection Naya system of the child may not survive.Small children cannot give raw milk, it has obligations in sory order to boil!However, the development involve many necessary vitamins.Pasteurized or sterilized milk in PA Keth they are deep heat treatment Ki, the second product is stored longer, safe tank theriologicae, and due to special technology packaging, it retains most of the vitamins.In addition, packaged milk is produced different degree of fat content, from % to %, which allows to find the child's nutritional need him about the product is.

Game purpose

It is possible to use pallets on ten eggs or to paste on a piece of cardboard closely to each other in two ranks on five matchboxes; subject pictures or toys; a game field the big sheet of paper lined on cages on a razma ru circles or other game elements replacing circles; the set of figures written on small pieces of cardboard or is borrowed ny from any game, for example from the magnetic alphabet.Game purpose acquaintance to quantity, figures; development of logic, attention, memory.Let's EXAMINE QUANTITY One is, a lot of, a little Take two any toys, for example a doll and a bear cub or two ma shanks.

Again, we note

Additional vaccination against hepatitis a known popularly called jaundice of all firstgraders schools, Minsk twice, with an interval of months.Unvaccinated adolescent girls aged additionally vaccinated against rubella.Again, we note that vaccination is the primary vaccine introduction in the body man, and revaccination reintroduction of the vaccine through a certain Prohm terrible time after vaccination.By the way, all these vaccinations are free of charge.Now let us try to understand the complexities of the vaccination calendar.

To tell

Details to explain your choice, making the story reasoning.ABOUT HOME Using the picture of the house and his pictures, to determine who the photo was made.Details to explain your choice, telling that depicted on each photo, as see home mom, a boy and a girl.MYSTERIES Using the chart, make riddle descriptions of several Pets to cows, cats, dogs, horses, goats, pigs.To tell the scheme what you know about each the house is a home the animal, but not to be named.I wonder whether your relatives and friends to guess such riddles?APPEARANCE WHERE HE LIVES STABLE THAN FEEDS THE SHEEP BARN, PIGSTY WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A CALF IN ANY FAIRY TALES AND MAN MEETS CARTOONS BEN ROOM Choose the plan that meets the drawing room.

To tell

If necessary, listen to them again.To tell how it will change the familiar tale ka, if in it there will be new characters Three hedge kid instead of the Three little pigs Snow Ball instead of a Bun Boy centimetric instead of God A cat with a Mouse instead of Crows and Cancer ITALIE TALES WITH NEW ITEMS Remember the tale Red Hat, adventures of Buratino, the Kid and Carlson, Thumbelina, Cinderella.Tell me how will change the familiar tale, if the main GE Roy appears named items Red riding hood mobile phone Pinocchio folding knife Carlson cap of invisibility God gas canister Cinderella credit card FRIDAY END After listening to the beginning, to tell stories as a whole.

To indications

At identification at the child of diseases metabolism, characterized by intolerance of maternal milk its components fenilketonuriya, a galactosemia, the kid appoint the specialized mixes intended for medical foods.To indications for artificial feeding are served also by reception by mother tsitostatik, radioactive preparations.As indicators some social factors if mother serve on long time it is compelled to leave the child at a trip to business trips; mother studies or works in other city; incomplete families, in which the father, the grandmother or other persons are engaged in education of the kid; negative children, which at once after maternity hospital go to children's homes; mother is in imprisonment places; deep conviction of mother in uselessnesses of breastfeeding, etc.


The vaccine contains antigens of the causative agent of whooping cough should not be appointed children with progressive neurological diseases for example, with incontro controlled epilepsy, infantile spasms, progressive encephalopathy.Instead of DTP vaccine is introduced the BPA toxoid.Children who were previously marked seizures that are not associated with immunization should undergo additional tests by neurologist and epileptology, after which the question on carrying out of vaccination; Allergy to eggs, or contained in vaccines antibiotics.Persons with anaphylactic reactions in history generalized urticaria, difficulty breathing, swelling of mucous membrane of the mouth and throat, low blood pressure, shock, which followed the eating of eggs should not receive the vaccine, prepared on the basis of fabrics of chicken quail eggs for example, live bark the first vaccine GKV, live mumps vaccine DRI, Trimovax, vaccines influenza, yellow fever.

And TRG Yes I realized

But you never came with it in our forest!Isolde was fond of society, luxury apparel, balls!There she shone!And you?I just followed her.Well, well.he pumped his head the old man.But very soon I realized that my new elected Nitsa sympathetic to all who admired.And TRG Yes I realized that I was deceived made a foolish vanity and coquetry for the love.Bitterly I repented in his folly.What happened then?The tour is over, Isolde left.

To put the chopped

Vegetables to wash up and clear, boil water or vegetable broth.To put the chopped cabbage to bring to boiling and to add the cut potatoes, the carrots cut by straws, the crushed onions, tomato paste or the cut tomatoes.To cook minutes.To cut beet straws and to extinguish on butter to add to a borsch.To salt and cook to readiness.To give with sour cream.Russian cabbage soup from fresh cabbage White cabbage heads of cabbage, carrots piece, tomatoes piece, oil the creamy tablespoon, sour cream tablespoon, water or vegetable broth glass, greens of parsley, fennel, green onions to taste.

Dirty, contaminated

Roundworm eggs together with faeces sick person get in the soil.Dirty, contaminated soil the hands of imperialism are one of the main sources INF ing.Often the eggs of Ascaris enter the body with fruits, vegetables, contaminated land or flies.When a person swallows the egg AU cared, they fall into the intestine .Of them out of larvae, which through the wall of the intestines about PART I.CHILDHOOD DISEASES arise in the blood .Then migrate into the alveoli lungs, and then of the small bronchi large and the trachea.

If the child

In this case, get to antishock proces fools, trying to stop the bleeding If the child is in the mind , put it on back and legs up to cm To save heat , cover baby a blanket or coat.If the child has no heart and he's not dy shit, start cardio pulmonary reanimatio PART III.FIRST AID IN CASE OF ACCIDENTS Stop the bleeding, holding the wound Kus com clean, dry cloth.Tie the wound with a clean bandage.If injured shoulder, fix hand with help support bandages and .the residents of the bandage to the body.

So you will

It is not necessary to give to the child many pictures in a row twothree it is enough.When the kid masters the simplest option of game, can to complicate it a little to trade details places or a feather to return one of them head over heels.When the child learns quickly to collect pictures from two parts, cut one part of the picture in half.So you will gradually pass to carat to tinka from threefour parts.If the child cannot collect the picture from threefour details, at first take out one of details and ask are small sha to insert it into place, then take out two details and so yes To Lea.


ZEBRA Zebra misses in the pen, poor thing, Upset in any way, No it does not believe that Zebra frock, What's Zebra's not a horse that Zebra is a SAILOR!RESENTMENT GIRAFFE Young giraffe immediately after birth In the puddle saw his reflection.Who touched me dirty hands?Neck all the spots!Complain to my mother!SNAKE Seeing his tail, was surprised by snake Really, friends, it's still me?VOLODYA AND SOM Asked Volodya Catfish!Not boring to live silent?And you try, Vova, Tell me in the water of the word!

Change of an environment

Change of an environment What subjects people will help to achieve the objectives?Give simple tasks, with close, easily attainable aims Trace progress on the simple schedule Give support in development of a navykaglav .Increase of persistence in achievement of the purpose What concrete skills will be received by the child who will train him how?Skill at the expense of successful execute achievement of the purpose or end of a task niya of its small fragments Who will train in skill?Sam's parents will help to develop skill, and the boy will begin to practice independently How?

To pay its attention

To pay its attention to the certain form, means to clear the impression which is already received by it from it and to fix in it concept about it.The situation similar to as though we absentmindedly inspected coast of the lake, and the artist suddenly would tell us As curvature of turn which the lake does under this rock is fine!At these words the look which we observed almost unconsciously, is imprinted in our mind, as if lit with suddenly sparkled sun beam, and we test pleasure of that the impression which till this minute is not quite realized by us crystallized.


Elephants eat the leaves and the fruits with the highest trees and shrubs.The elephant is the largest inhabitant of Savannah.Often flock in a hundred elephants wandering by Savannah in search of food.FRUIT GARDEN All fruit trees that grow in modern gardens, people brought from wild plants.Gardeners have created many different varieties of plum and Apple trees, Percy ka and apricot, currant and raspberry.From these fruits people make juices, jam, the drinks.Beautiful trees and bushes grow in orchards throughout the Earth.

There promised

Love.Gradual habituation.Distraction..Scheme of fairy story Bear is lost in the forest, afraid to go home because of the dark you.Glowing flea asked him to move it to the field where they have fleas meeting.There promised to give a spell against fear.On the way biting, but the lights.Bear on glade learned e GE GE, about th century, not afraid I won!and ran home.The principle of the solution Intermediate objective the nuts in the middle.The fee.Inter nalezace resources.


Investigating organizational skills for many years, we find out whether that in situations of a stress or an overload ability to use them it is oppressed in general.But those skills that are developed worst of all, refuse the first.Sometimes we associate this phenomenon with the theory weak a shouting Ghana at any illness bodies that are surprised the first, most are subject to further disintegration.When your weakest organizational skills worsen, it the sure sign of that the level of a stress raised.

As всегР IT IS MORE, THAN. IT IS LESS, THAN. The adult

You will

Where you are strong, your child or tasks is weak demand skills which is not enough for both of you.It gives you vozmozh nost to change conditions that cooperation between you was more the fruitful.You will find new approaches on which did not reflect, also will be able to lower conflict degree.You learn to rely on the and eventually will help the child to develop and perfect strengths organizational skills necessary for it.Pluses of such approach can be seen in the history with Carmen and her mother.Mother by the nature is sociable and not always quietly belonged to I will close daughter's toast.

For coloring

One of our teachers gives to children of the picture from old books which they paint.For coloring it is possible to give not only polytypes, but planimetric drawings, which in any case are necessary for exercises in preparation for the letter.For coloring take colored pencils which should be held as a feather by the letter II The games exercising chromatic feeling.Recognition of flowers and their names.Already by the described exercises we started recognition and the name of flowers, advantage yas as didactic material the plates wound by color silk or wool, such plates we have two series on paints.


, Guar R.Your child can do everything.PART III.We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER .Performance of homeworks Necessary organizational skills beginning of work chapter , steady attention chapter , planning chapter , management time chapter , metaknowledge chapter .Age – years.Explain to the child that performance of homeworks good way to learn to make plans and schedules.Agree, that, having come from school, it will make at once the plan of the house works, using a form which you will give tab..Steps which the child has to do To write down all tasks it is possible briefly as detailed an uka the zaniye are in the diary or notebooks.


Be sure to observe the day of the child with frequent walks not less than hours a day.The child must daily be engaged in physical mental exercises.Do baby massage.Medicines prescribed only the doctor determines the dosage .Usually children early age are taking drugs in Jew what form drops and syrups aktiferrin, hemo fer, maltofer.You can give the child a medicament VA, if earlier they were prescribed by a doctor .Take medicine for hours before or after food and poor endurance their use ut while eating.

To be able

Burns can be caused by fire , electric STV, chemicals or boiling liquids.At strong burn large area destroyed not only all skin layers , but also injured layer of fat and muscle.To be able to render first aid you in any case.But a different degree burns require different approaches .To ease the condition child until the doctor comes , try to determine how serious is the damage it has.Symptoms burns Burn St degree redness, pain, swelling the affected surface layer of skin.

To wrap up and insist

In total to mix and use for a breakfast.Tea from blackcurrant and a dogrose To take equal parts of fruits of blackcurrant and a dogrose.To put tablespoon and to fill in mixes in a teapot with glasses of boiled water.To wrap up and insist in dark place within hour.To add sugar or honey.Crimson tea Dry raspberry h.spoons, sugar g, water glass.In a teapot to fill dry raspberry, sugar, to fill in with a glass of boiled water, to allow to be drawn.When cools down, to filter, pour in a cup.Sugar at will can be replaced with honey.


Similar selfamendments force the child to focus attention on a difference of the sizes and to compare these distinctions.Psychotouch exercise also consists in this comparison, Here it is not cognition of the sizes by means of subjects; in the same way we do not try to teach the child to use unmistakably the material shown it and it is good to make exercise.It would put our didactic material on one level with many others, napr measures, frebelevsky; active work of the teacher who aspires soob would be required the knowledge board also hurries to correct each error so that the child could study appointment subjects.

To prepare

To pass boiled meat via the meat grinder, to spasserovat onions in oil rings.To prepare forcemeat for pancakes, for this purpose to mix meat and onions.From a flour, the shakenup egg and water to knead fresh dough, to salt and pour sugar.Dough has to be without lumps, a liquid consistence.On oiled to frying pan to bake pancakes, without overroasting, they have to be slightly ruddy.To put in the middle of each pancake on tablespoon of the prepared forcemeat, to wrap pancakes and to fry them in oil.

At measures

Races smatrivy the most important functions of frontal lobes, it is easy to see, as far as these structures in development of organizational skills are important .Frontal lobes define our behavior, helping to solve, on what it is worth paying attention and what actions it is necessary to take.At measures the sevenyearold boy sees that his brother watches TV.It ho couples to sit down nearby, but decides that at first will finish homework, on knows a skolka that differently the father will be dissatisfied.Frontal lobes unite our behavior models.


Hypertensive enema Used as a cleansing enemas in atonic constipation .Hypertonic ski solution % sodium chloride, about centnry the solution of magnesium sulfate in the amount ml, with a temperature of C°using rubber balloon tip is introduced in the intestines.Pronounced effect occurs within minutes.This time, the child should field reap, refusing defecation correctly enema Mechanized enema Refer to proryvnym.The introduction of a large the amount of water promotes penetration it in all the departments of the large intestine and not the slow removal of feces , harmful products that were sent there .

The development

Clearly, highlighting voice sound, repeat each Dyje words.Then name words independently from memory.Garden juice com.Soup bitches himself.Owls soda hundred.Shoot the full hearty.Sudak dry chest.Ship bag day.Dry Sani kindergarten.Boots son machine.Consolidation pronunciation With sound in the middle the words.The development of auditory attention and memory Check the meanings of unknown words.Clearly, highlighting voice sound, repeat each Dyje words.Then name of the words themselves.


To add the remained broth and to finish to boilings.Before giving to strew Russian cabbage soup with greens.Borsch with quenelles To cook transparent broth, to take out meat for quenelles.Separately to chop and stew vegetables with small amount of broth beet, cabbage, it is a little carrots only g.When vegetables are ready, to lower them in the boiling broth.To pass meat via the meat grinder twice and to form the small quenelles which to put in a borsch in minutes prior to readiness.

To mix the received

To surround weight with whipped cream with icing sugar, letting out them from a conical pastry bag in the form of figures of a different form.Curds with honey Cottage cheese g, sugar g, natural honey g, egg yolk piece, butter g, sour cream or cream g.Carefully to mix egg yolks with granulated sugar and the warmedup honey.Then to connect this mix to the softened butter and to shake up to formations of magnificent homogeneous mass.To mix the received weight with the wiped cottage cheese.Curds with fruit and berries Ready curds g, fruit or berries g.

And what do frontal

How training process looks?Let's consider all process in general, as an example having taken one more widespread duty of the child cleaning in the room.As well as for language acquisition, it is necessary for training in independent cleaning time.At first parents carry out functions of frontal lobes of a brain re benka.And what do frontal lobes?Create the plan, the organizational scheme and a concrete set of an uk zaniye.Watch process.Provide supportmotivation and feedback about success this or that action.

Firmly stick

This helps to release the respiratory tract of mucus .Doctor can determine where the accumulated most impeding normal the breath of mucus.Well ventilate the room .Allergens or stimuli present in the air in the bedroom baby , can cause or USU goblet cough caused some infections tution.Firmly stick to the rules ATTENTION!Never smoke in the house or in the car in the presence Bolivia baby.This can cause the allergic cough.Before giving antitussive drugs in properly define the nature of cough .


Gripes not simply an illness.Whether there can be gripes are connected with formation of nervous system, but not with violations in digestive tract?At some children of colic it is an image of behavior, but not incurable illness.Easier to endure an evening attack of gripes and to avoid happy hour, in advance make a dinner, it will help you to pay more attention to the begun to worry kid.An afterdinner dream for the child and for you sometimes warns an evening attack.

For this

The similar choice is inaccessible to mind the child who is not able to watch such long speech yet.I am remembered to me, prisutst vovala at arithmetics lesson at which to children it was proved that two and three make five.For this purpose the teacher used accounts from color balls.It, for example, separated two ball on the top line, three balls on the line are lower, and at the very bottom five balls.I do not remember well, how exactly there was this lesson, but know that the teacher found necessary to place near two balls on the top wire a small cardboard doll in a blue skirt, to which she right there named one of the children sitting in a class, having told It let will be Mariyetina.

At introduction

THE ORGANIZATION OF THE HYPOALLERGENIC DIET ON THE FIRST YEAR OF LIFE Natural feeding is optimum at obligatory observance by mother of a hypoallergenic diet.At artificial feeding the preference is given to acidified milk formulas, in which protein of the cow milk it is partially split.At introduction of feedings up for protein restriction cow's milk it is expedient to cook food on vegetable broths.Special the attention is paid to opportunities of the prevention of development of the allergic diseases by means of selection of the corresponding diet during the first months of life of the child.


To tell about each about fessee plan scheme.Then imagine that when you grow up, you will become a famous composer, BPA Chom or TV presenter.To tell all about their profession according to plan scheme.THE NAME OF THE PROFESSION, PLACE OF WORK UNIFORMS WHAT YOU NEED TO WORK THAT MAN DOES AT WORK BESIMI IN AFRICA In Africa always summer.Children in this part of the world has never seen winter.Using rhythm mu, prepare stories about different seasons in your region.Then ask parents write your stories.Speaking to imagine that children in the far, hot Africa on your stories will learn about the fall and the spring, winter and this summer.


For example, some children adore helping with cleaning in the house or garage.Opportunity to spend time can be an award with parents to be engaged in adult affairs or, at last, udovletvo rhenium from result for example, the cleaned house or garage.For Wad Dra gy children the same tasks are so unpleasant that they try as it is possible to avoid more long them.One more example homework.Very few people from children hurry home to undertake homework.For some an assessment which they will receive or opportunity to a log hut to reap humiliations because of a bad note sufficient incentive for this purpose, to make everything quickly and well.

Volume on the part

Note water level a marker.Opus Tit one of subjects in water, turn vn manias on that water rose, note the turnedout water level.Then do the same with other subjects.Make conclusion than volume immersed before is more meta, that water rises above.Volume on the part of space occupied what zyvatsya or subject.Take scales steelyard.Hang up on verev ku heavy subject, for example dumbbell or hundred ry pigiron iron.Tie a rope to a hook scales.Gradually immerse the subject hanging on a rope, in the filled bathtub, observe, how indications of scales change.

Each the innovation

Over the next five weeks we Sara gradually added all new favorite of the conditions for its issue.Each the innovation gave the girl a chance to both to show its symptoms and control it.With each new limitation, i.e.the beloved day of week, time of day, place, event, and so on girl got control of the bladder and to choose the time for his discharge.By the end of the fifth week game lost for girls initial interest, and with him gone and the habit to wet panties.The answer to the above question, let's start with the examples.


When to consult a doctor If tummy hurts a child.If the dyspepsia is associated with other symptoms pain in the stomach , belching, nausea and rotay PART II.SYMPTOMS DISEASES First aid at home Give your child Cup milk or alkaline Noah mineral water Essentuki and others.Dissolve soda in water teaspoon of soda on a glass of water and give drink to the child .Prima cleaners are extremely rare because soda perassi provides mucosa.Exclude from a diet of black bread , jams, spices, spicy and fried foods.Cracks on the lips May appear during the disease , about flow with increased temperature .


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